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Buddha statues from Burma / Myanmar

Buddha statues are famous all over the world for their symbolic importance both in a religious way and spiritual way. They are the ultimate symbol of peace, fortune, contemplation and generosity for every human being. They signify various objects and principles in Buddhist Mythologies. These statues are also held as an important symbolic object for the people who are enthusiasts of Buddhist meditation. Buddhist principles like the Eightfold Path, the Four Noble Truths, wisdom, balance, peace, compassion and generosity are represented by the Buddha statues, depending on the nature of the Statues.

Burma, or Myanmar, as it is called these days, is famous for its Buddhist art. With peculiar styles and their historical importance, Burmese Buddha statues and other Buddhist sculptures are popular for their uniqueness and are very rare in the world, especially the ones which are from 19th century. With a rich history and culture, coupled with beautiful and artistic styles of Burmese Buddhas, these antique and rare statues are sought after by many collectors all over the world.

We have the largest collection of these rare and antique Buddha statues. Most of our Buddha statues are originating from Burma. We have imported all our Burmese statues of Buddha and other Buddhist sculptures as well as artifacts by ourselves after a thorough research and visits to the Southeast Asian country every six months in a year. It has been possible for us to find many authentic, rare and antique Buddha statues for us from Burma as the nation was isolated for many years. There are still lots of these rare artifacts hidden in many Buddhist monasteries, temples and in the houses of private collectors in Burma. Over 80 percent of the Burmese population adheres to Theravada Buddhism. This is the oldest and purest form of original Buddhism.

Because of our many travels to Burma, we have established a special relationship with various dealers, monasteries, Buddhist temples and personal collectors who want to part from their special artifacts. This makes us possible to buy the most special and antique Burmese Buddha statues and export them to our gallery in the Netherlands to keep them on sale in reasonable prices.

History of Burmese Buddha statues

Burmese Buddha statues - Buddha images and Buddhist sculptures have many different styles, different poses known as Buddha statues Mudras and date back to many periods in Burma. Each of the styles have their own history as well as origins while they all differ according to the area of region too. 

A few of the most common styles / periods of Burmese Buddha statues are:


Antique Burmese Buddha statues          Burmese Buddha statues

Besides Burmese Buddha statues, we also sell other Burmese art:

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Burma is a country that hasn't been touched by mass-tourism for years. Because of that, the cultures of ethnic groups are still very pure.
That is also a reason why it is still possible to find nice, original and antique Buddha statues for very reasonable prices.

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   Antique Shan Buddha Statue from 17th Century. This antique Buddha statue is lacqureware beautifully posed in Shan (Tai Yai) style and the hands position are in Bhumisparsha Mudra. It is 158 cm high, 90 cm wide and 63 cm deep. Goldplated with 24 krt gold and is still in perfect condition. If you are interested in buying this statue, please contact us or visit this page: http://www.burmese-art.com/large-17th-century-buddha-from-burma-2631-1 #Antique #Shan #Buddha #Statue #17thCentury #Bhumisparsha #Mudra #TaiYai #Goldplated #AntiqueBuddhaStatues
   Rahula was the only biological son of Siddhartha Gautama and Queen Yasodhara. According to Buddhist tradition, Rahula was very young when Prince Siddhartha decided to live a life of an ascetic and tried to find the true meaning of life and the cycle of Samsara. Later Rahula became Buddhist monk and attained Enlightenment. According to legend, Rahula was called “Rahula The Lucky” by his friends since he was the son of Lord Buddha and attained Enlightenment. http://www.burmese-art.com/blog/rahula-son-and-disciple-of-buddha #Rahula #Buddha #Son #Enlightenment #Lord #AntiqueBuddhaStatues